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TLD Register Yearly Renew Yearly Transfer Yearly
.com Popular €8.33 €14.28 €8.33
.net €4.76 €14.28 €10.71
.org €8.33 €14.28 €10.71
.inSale €7.13 €9.52 €7.13
.biz €4.53 €15.47 €13.09
.info €3.56 €17.26 €13.68
.xyz €1.07 €11.91 €10.12
.co €3.73 €23.64 €20.01
.asia €4.75 €15.48 €11.90
.me €4.75 €17.85 €14.28
.shop €1.77 €35.72 €29.76
.eu €4.75 €8.33 -
.ca €9.52 €13.09 €9.52
.uk €7.13 €8.92 0 €5.94 €6.54 €5.94
.io €35.72 €36.91 €35.72

Domain Checker FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about own Domains and Domain Checker

Domain name is like an address of your online business. Once the domain name is set to your server, your website gets visible on the internet. When a user search domain in address bar the browser will show the business website to ther customer.

Domain name is very importent for who are forming an online presence. It's like a your brand or identity. Once you purchase domain name, it's completely under your control. You can create a brand email accounts, sub domains, branding etc. Example : Let's assume Your domain name "" and your email will be

It will make your customers trust you and feel legitimate.

Yes, It's possible. Before purchasing your domain name keep in mind some tips. You should choose related to your business name Example : Our company register name SPIDYHOST IT SERVICES PVT LTD so we register a domain name related to our business name called

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends on many factors. Choosing a keyword based domain will does not much impact on SEO. For example your targeted a keyword called "online car rental", your domain name good when you choose like olacabs, uber, carrentals etc. But it will help your customers easily remembarence. A good domain name should be short and easily able to remember.

Basically domain names are not free but few TLDs provide you domain at free of cost. Free TLDs are .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq etc. You can visit for more information. Keep in mind we are not responsible for free domains. In case if your looking .com, .net, .org etc domain just buy from SPIDYHOST.COM

When anyone want to purchase a domain name they should register using their details like name, email, mobile and address. It's basically called WHOIS data. Some registrars show the WHOIS data publicly and some not. To hide your WHOIS contact info from public called privacy protection. We provide by default privacy protection for every domain. It will help you protect your personal information and reduce spam.

First, you will unlock your domain name and acquire the transfer authorization code. Once your domain is ready to go, start the transfer process by searching for your domain at the top of this page. We'll take care of most of the transfer for you! Of course, if we do require anything further from you, we'll be in touch.

Once you have registered and made the payment for your Domain, it is reserved immediately. It will not be available for purchase to anyone else. Keep in mind changing Name Servers (to connect web hosting) will take 24 hours.